Will guitar lessons Help?

Scheduling private guitar lessons is straightforward and effortless. Concurrent lessons will supplement your individual study by giving personal access to knowledge and expertise. Seeing your guitar teacher regularly will educate, instruct and enlighten you. By booking a series of private guitar lessons, you will feel strongly motivated towards your guitar playing goals. Talking to an experienced teacher propels students in the direction of improvement and accomplishment.


How much practice should I be doing between lessons?
At least 30 minutes is recommended everyday. Regular practice has been proven to be more effective than irregular practice. It is therefore important, to gain the most from your guitar lessons, that you practice everyday; or, if you are a parent, that you encourage your child to practice daily.


When will I start to notice improvements?
If you commit to regular, daily practice, alongside concurrent guitar lessons, you will notice improvements every term. The level of improvement will vary from student to student. For example, beginners tend to improve more quickly than advanced players.


How should I organise my practice?
Structure your practice around the work we did in the lesson. Start with precise goals and realistic time-frames. For example, this week I want to learn the finger picked part of The Boxer by Paul Simon. Then, before trying the piece itself, focus on your alternative thumb technique for five minutes as a warmup and then slowly go through the chord changes for the song. Ask me what to work on for the next lesson if you are unsure.


My guitar isn't tuned, is that an issue?

Yes, it is important that you have an in-tune instrument to practise with between lessons. If you are having problems with your tuning at home, please bring your guitar to the lesson so I can tune it for you.


Do I need to bring my own guitar to lessons?
Please bring your guitar to the first lesson, after this there is no need to bring your own guitar. However, many guitar students feel more comfortable when playing on the instrument they use to practice with.


What guitars can I use during lessons?
My studio is equipped with a Washburn acoustic guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar and a Fender Jazz bass gutar for students to use during lessons.


Will I have access to any other equipment?
During guitar lessons, you will be given access to a full-size electronic piano, a Marshall staked electric guitar amplifier, an AER acoustic guitar amp, several microphones and a number of guitar effects pedals.


Can I take grade exams?
Yes. RGT and RSL grade exams are available in several styles of guitar playing.


Am I able to take piano or singing lessons?
The piano and voice are used as instruments to complement the guitar lessons.


Will I learn music theory and sight-reading?
Music theory and sight-reading are taught.


What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Contact me immediately. Usually, I can move you to another available time slot.


How should I pay for guitar lessons?
Cash on the first lesson. After this bank transfer or cheque.


Is it possible to take lessons every two weeks?
Certainly, lessons can be booked at two week intervals.


Am I allowed to sit with my child during lessons?
Yes, you are welcome to observe and seating is provided.


Why do I need to learn scales?
Scales form the building blocks of music. Therefore, it is crucial that guitar players practice and learn scales by heart. Choose scales that you feel to be relevant to the song or piece you are currently studying.


What accessories should I purchase for my guitar?
A capo, a music stand, a guitar stand and a guitar strap are the most essential accessories. Try not to compromise on quality, as many cheap items can become faulty. If you are an electric guitar player, you will need several picks and a strong guitar cable.


How often should I change my strings?
Most guitar players change strings every few months as old strings tend to sound dull and lifeless. It is recommended that you change the whole set because this leads to a more desirable and even tone. I recommended Elixir strings which last longer than most other brands.


Will I be given music to practice?
Yes, included with your lessons, you will receive individually tailored music to practice.


Do I need to buy a book?

Your first port of call for any guitar related queries should be to contact me. Books are not essential, unless you plan to take a grade exam. I do however recommend keeping a good reference book at home.


Can I practice without a guitar?
Without a guitar you will find it impossible to work on your technique. However, there are many areas of general musicianship, including sight-reading and music theory, which can be studied without a guitar.


Can I play acoustic music on an electric guitar and visa versa?
As long as both instruments have six strings tuned to E, A, D, G, B, E, the music you learn will be easily transferable from one instrument to the other. However, be careful when transferring a piece to acoustic guitar from electric as, due to the thicker neck and strings, this may be more difficult.


Where's the best place to go if I need to repair my guitar?
Find a good music shop that does repairs. When they've repaired the instrument, ask questions to learn more about your guitar.